Dancing Spider

A bit of entertainment from the garden yesterday – a male Spotted Wolf spider dancing in the sun, trying to impress a female he’s eyed up as a mate.

It’s fascinating to watch things like this up close, we see them on TV shows but seeing it in person is an entirely different experience. His dancing went on for hours, but here is just one 3 minute section of it.

Video is something I’ve not done very much so far, but sometimes there are things that still images just don’t do justice to.

This was filmed with my EOS 70D, the Canon 18-135mm STM lens and a 25mm macro extension tube (the 18-135 focuses close, but not that close!). I originally tried to video it using my macro lens but the auto focus is picked up by the camera’s built in microphones and it’s very difficult to move a camera around on a ball head whilst also manually focussing the lens.

So that and the wind noise are a couple of things for me to look into improving for future video work.

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  1. Louise says:

    Thanks for your comment! Hoping for a diagnosis on Monday and then hopefully I can be treated and get my old legs back soon. I’ve had a sneak preview of what old age must be like over the last 6 weeks and I’ve not liked it at all! Though it’s given me an understanding of, and new found sympathy, for the 85 year lady I visit who complains so much about aches and pains and stiff joints!

    I really enjoyed the spider dancing, not something I’ve ever seen for myself – great video!


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