30 Days Wild 2016

For those who haven’t read my earlier posts, 30 Days Wild is a month long campaign run by the Wildlife Trusts throughout June to encourage people to get outside and reconnect with nature.

Obviously I don’t really need to reconnect with nature – I spend a large amount of my spare time outside as it is! But as with last year, and like many others, I still enjoy the challenge of doing something every day instead of just at the weekends.

Last year I focused on minibeasts (see: New Beginnings: A Look Back At 2015, Part 1) around home and a park near work, with additional weekend trips to local nature reserves. Looking for minibeasts at lunchtime had proved to be quite time consuming and unrewarding, so this year I decided to stick with nature in the garden and local nature reserves.

My aim was to spend at least some time each day in my garden looking for interesting things to photograph, as well as visiting my local nature reserves on the weekends.

On the first weekend I took a trip to Twywell Hills and Dales and Twywell Plantation where I found common spotted orchids in the woodland and lots of butterflies in the limestone hills. For the second weekend I went back to Ditchford Lakes and Meadows, somewhere I haven’t been for a while, here I saw Great Crested Grebes and a few different species of damselflies. Then on the third weekend I went back to Titchmarsh nature reserve where I saw swans, dragonflies and more species of damselflies.

On the weekdays I had been getting up earlier than normal so I could go to work and come home earlier to spend time in the garden. On the third week I decided to take this one step further and got up early enough to pay a few early morning visits to Summer Leys nature reserve. The first couple of visits I wandered around a small meadow next to the car park and spent some time sitting in the bird hides, on the third visit I arrived early enough to take a walk around the whole reserve.

For the final weekend of June I decided that since 30 Days Wild is all about discovering nature, it was time to go somewhere new. So I headed off to Short Wood and Southwick Wood, another local Wildlife Trusts BCN nature reserve that I’ll write in more detail about in a separate blog entry of its own.

Anyway, that’s enough words, here’s a gallery of photos from each of the 30 days.

To see all of my photos taken during 30 Days Wild take a look at my full Flickr album.

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  1. Louise says:

    Beautiful collection of photos! It sounds like you managed to squeeze quite a lot into your 30 Days! I spent a very happy day visiting Southwick and Short Woods 2 years ago when I accidentally had a “holiday” which was 6 nights at Premier Inn in Corby that year after the event I’d actually booked the hotel for was cancelled! My hotel booking was non-refundable so I spent the week visiting various woods and nature reserves around there including Twywell.

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  2. These photos are gorgeous, magic even

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