#WildOctober – Part 1

Back at the end of September, Louise over at Louise’s 30 Days Wild suggested doing something like 30 Days Wild but for October. Get outdoors and enjoy nature every day, and take some photos to share along the way.

For more details have a read of Wild October on Louise’s blog.

I wasn’t sure I’d be able to manage it at this time of year, given the decreasing amounts of daylight and the fact that 10 hours of every week day is spent either at work or commuting. But I decided to give it a go anyway!

The month didn’t get off to a good start with a wet weekend, but a few breaks in the rain allowed for some time outside in the garden.

Things got a bit better after that. I was off work for the 1st week of October so plenty of time for getting out and about, and the weather looked good too.

So on the first day of the week I headed off for a return trip to RSPB Ouse Washes. I was hoping to see more birds around this time, and there were a lot of starlings and lapwings about. There were also a lot of common darter dragonflies hunting and sunbathing alongside the river, and a surprising number of small copper butterflies.

The second day of my week off I decided to pay a visit to somewhere I’ve been meaning to go and explore for a long time – Bedford Purlieus National Nature Reserve. I’d visited here once before, many years ago, but only for a brief stop in the carpark on the way to Fineshade Wood, another part of the old Rockingham Forest.

A nice day for a walk in the woods, sunlight breaking through the canopy illuminating the fungi and bright autumn colours of the bracken. There were a lot of deer running through the trees, wood ants going about their business on the woodland floor, and common darter dragonflies hunting along the woodland rides.

Another sunny day forecast for the third day of my week off, so I decided to head off for an autumnal walk around Titchmarsh Nature Reserve.

A lot of cormorants around on the lakes and a number of herons hunting along the banks and flying over the water. I also spotted a quite late and somewhat tattered migrant hawker dragonfly.

Toward the end of the week the weather forecast started to get greyer – Sunny mornings but with cloud moving in by lunchtime, so on the Thursday I decided to head over to Twywell Hills and Dales and Twywell Plantation.

Lots of signs of autumn about, thistles flowering, berries on the bushes and there were a lot of mossy rose galls (or Robin’s Pincushions) on the dog roses, with one about the size of a tennis ball! I also spotted another quite late migrant hawker dragonfly taking in some of the autumn morning sun.

The week came to a close with a grey Friday and a forecast of a rainy afternoon, so I went for a short morning walk around Summer Leys nature reserve.

Bright yellow flowers of bristly oxtongue piercing the morning gloom and autumn fruits ripening up all around, with acorns and crab apples on the trees and glossy conkers emerging from their skins on the ground. I also stopped for a while and sat watching the birds at the feeding station where, in addition to the usual suspects, I spotted some female reed buntings.

As forecast rain moved in for the end of Friday and into Saturday, so after a week of going out I decided to spend the weekend in the garden. Raindrops adding interest to the last of the aster flowers on Saturday but the sun came back out again on Sunday which brought out the autumn crocus flowers and the common carder bees.

So that’s the first week of October done. I’ll take a break at this point as with a whole week of getting out and about there’s quite a lot of photos in this post already.

To see all of my #WildOctober photos take a look at the album on Flickr.

Part 2 will follow shortly…

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  1. Louise says:

    That’s a great round-up of Week 1 – some great photos taken too. I look forward to reading part 2 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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