Spring Begins

As March saw out the winter and brought in the spring, life has surged back into the garden. The weather is warming, the plants are flowering and the minibeasts are out and about again.

The crocuses were out in force at the start of the month, with lovely displays of deep purple and white, closely followed by the anemones which are still going now. The first wave of daffodil flowers also came and went as the pastel blue flowers of forget-me-not’s began to emerge.

There’s signs of new growth too, plants sprouting from the ground to bring more colour in the months to come.

And my favourites, the minibeasts, have started to return. There’s been ladybirds and spiders out in the warm sun and brimstone butterflies flittering around the flowers. Along with the ever present groove snails, loitering with intent.

This year I’ve also started to get more into doing black and white work, sometimes I think it produces a more striking photo than would be achieved with colour – bringing out the textures and subtle markings in the subjects.

Onward we go into Spring, the colour is building and the green leaves are starting to return to the trees and hedge rows.

As always, to stay up to date with my photos keep an eye on my Flickr page.

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  1. Louise says:

    I always enjoy seeing your photos, I really like all the ones of little seedlings here. I’ve never been a fan of black and white photography but I do think it sometimes works textures. I’m always glad when the minibeasts come out again, we found lots yesterday at a wild birthday party I did!

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