From Autumn to Winter. A Look Back at 2017, Part 3

Here we are then, the final part of a look back at my photographic journey through 2017. This time we’re off on a trip to southern England before topping out the year with a snowy start to the winter. Autumn Begins in the Garden I added some new plants to the garden last year, to…

More New Places. A Look Back At 2017, Part 2

Picking this up again in early July. With 30 Days Wild completed and another week off work, it seemed like a good time to head out and tick some of the places off my ever growing list of where I want to visit. New Places RSPB The Lodge The first place this week was RSPB…

Where Did The Time Go? A Look Back At 2017, Part 1

It’s been quite a while since I last wrote anything on here, almost a year since my last post. I did start writing about 30 Days Wild at the beginning of July last year, but then things got on top of me and I never finished it. Then it was August, then October, and Christmas, and…

Unexpected Garden Visitor

Last weekend I got quite a surprise when I looked out of the window into the back garden. A green woodpecker digging ants out of the garden lawn. The bird stayed in the garden for quite a long time so I also recorded a few videos of the digging and feeding. Here’s the best one. I’ve…

Summer in the Garden

As the days become shorter and colder, the leaves start to change and autumn gets underway, lets take a look back at life in the garden from the last few months.

30 Days Wild 2016

For those who haven’t read my earlier posts, 30 Days Wild is a month long campaign run by the Wildlife Trusts throughout June to encourage people to get outside and reconnect with nature. Obviously I don’t really need to reconnect with nature – I spend a large amount of my spare time outside as it is!…

Spring in the Garden, 2016

We’re now well beyond the solstice and into the season of summer, so this is coming a bit late. But here’s a quick look back at some of the things I found in the garden during spring this year. Just goes to show what a variety of life one small garden can contain! To see all…

Dancing Spider

A bit of entertainment from the garden yesterday – a male Spotted Wolf spider dancing in the sun, trying to impress a female he’s eyed up as a mate.


Woke up to a layer of snow in the garden this morning!

New Adventures: A Look Back At 2015, Part 3

One day in 2014, whilst looking through photos scanned from my old films,  I had found a photo of Malham Cove. It was a photo I’d taken when I’d last been to the Yorkshire Dales, 20 years earlier!